The workshop
"Exploring Role and Identity in COVID era in
Group relations work online"
02-04 SEPTEMBER 2020
The workshop "Exploring Role and Identity in COVID era in Group relations work online" offers you one step further in studying group dynamics in groups and teams in the context of current organisational and social life.

As leaders, managers or consultants we are facing a lot of challenges in managing online groups.

We invite you to explore the specifics of dynamics and behavior of online groups in our workshop.

The workshop will help you answer the questions:
  • How to manage and lead online groups and teams
  • How to build trust and relationships online
  • How to be a part of online organisations as a leader as well as a team member
  • Where the groups' and organisational boundaries are now
  • How online work influences your leadership position and role
  • What the phenomenon of work with online groups is
This workshop includes different online experiential events and a new digital experience.
Workshop events
Small Study Group
In small groups, each with one or two consultants, participants will have opportunities to study the shifting patterns of relations in the group and their own part in what happens in the here-and-now in relatedness to the explored subject.
Review and Application Group
In Review mode, participants will have opportunities to review and reflect on the meaning of their experiences of the various roles they take or find themselves in within the workshop. In Application mode, participants will have opportunities to relate these experiences to the roles they will be resuming in their professional, organizational and personal lives outside the temporary workshop institution. The members of the RAGs will work with one or two consultant/s.
The Social Dreaming Matrix
The SDM comprises all participants. The primary task of the SDM is to provide opportunities to discover the social meaning of dreams. This is done through participants providing dreams to the matrix and free associating to them. Making links among the dreams and association will provide the systemic "unthought-known" meaning of the dreams. It is the dream, not the dreamer that is the focus of the work of the Social Dreaming Matrix.
It is a unique opportunity to explore whats going on in online group in relatedness to the workshop subject and reflect on how it might be connected to your own organisation in times of COVID.
The Organisational Event
This event provides opportunities to study and experience the relationships and relatedness between the participants and the staff in this temporary workshop institution as a fractal of our larger organisations and society. How do we understand the dynamics and processes that are at play? How were they formed? How are they part of collective unconscious processes? What function are they serving for us? What roles do we play in them? And who ends up acting them out on our behalf? How do we find and take up our authority, what is our experience of leadership and identity? Staff will manage the event, working in public. Consultancy will be offered.
Place: online, using zoom
It does not matter where you are physically or geographically located - you can join from anywhere in the world.
Time: 11am – 3 pm UK / 13.00-17.00 Moscow / 6 pm-10 pm Hong Kong
We scheduled this time so if you are based in the Eastern part of the globe you could devote the morning to your business or anything else and still have some time in the evening to reflect.
Fee: 300 euros or 23 500 rubl
You will receive an invoice after application
Application deadline and payment
25 August 2020
For whom:
Managers, Consultants, Coaches, Therapists, Teachers- anyone who works with people and/or in the service industry and needs to have better insight into the dynamics of online groups in a digital global world.
  • You have already experienced at least one Group Relations methodology based event, residential or not, face-to-face, anywhere worldwide. ·
  • You are acquainted with group dynamic approach and thinking

Conference director
Eliat Aram
Tavistock Institute CEO
Eliat Aram, PhD, is the CEO of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London, UK. Her GR career spans over 20 years of conferences in the UK (The Tavistock Clinic, he Grubb Institute) and abroad (India, South Africa, France, The Netherlands, Israel), across cultural and geographical boundaries. She has been very fortunate to develop a capacity to understand the local context of where she works and to immerse in its vicissitudes.

Eliat has shaped, influenced and sometimes directed the Tavistock Institute's flagship Leicester conference since 2007; directed the AK Rice Institute annual residential for three years 2016-2018 , Teachers College Columbia University's Fall GRC since 2013, Tavistock Institute China GRC since 2019, and directed conferences in Lithuania (2012) and Argentina (2013).

Issues of leadership, authority and learning in a complex, often unknowable world are of daily concern, challenge and excitement for her.
Dr Mannie Sher, PhD
Principal Consultant/Researcher
Mannie works as a social scientist investigating and consulting to top teams of organisations on their culture and development and change plans. Mannie brings the accumulated scientific experience and wisdom of the Tavistock Institute to bear on organisational dynamics and culture and thereby facilitate leadership groups in taking a fresh look at their strategic direction and performance levels.

In the kind of volatile working environments in which we exist, Mannie helps organisations to be smart and agile, to be in immediate touch with the views and needs of their users and to mobilise the willingness to change, loyalty, inspiration and commitment of their workforce. Mannie works with organisations and communities to go beyond surviving to remain creative, in turbulent times through developing capacities for rapid adaptability, inspired leadership, excellent teamwork and a responsible bottom-up team-focussed approach to design and delivery of products and services.

Mannie addresses the institutionalisation of work process that often stands in opposition to these objectives and it is his task to apply practical theory and high-level change-oriented consultancy to the challenges of complacency, out-dated practices and low-morale teams and turn them into star teams with stellar performance. Mannie co-directs the Tavistock Institute's Dynamics @ Board Level programme which is based on well-established Tavistock Institute approaches – addressing the unconscious, working with whole-system dynamics of boards and experience-based learning. He is an executive coach working with individuals, but always having in mind that they are part of larger systems, i.e. their organisation, community and society.
Leslie Brissett, United Kingdom
Principal Consultant and Company Secretary of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, Leslie has also been Director of the Leicester Conference for the past five years. He believes that Group Relations learning is the closest thing to a spiritual renaissance in the western mind, opening up possibilities for the experience of interconnection. He works with Boards and senior leaders, taking the role of Sherpa and companion as they navigate their journeys of leadership and followership.
Leslie was worked all over the world, and is always amazed at our dual capacity for hatred and love.

Dr. Mónica Rocío Velarde Lazarte
Professional Partner Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. Founder TConsult Socioanalytic Practice. License Psychologist.
Irina Ponomarchuk
Irina works as a Leadership consultant and coach for EMBAs Skolkovo, CEIBS (China), EDHEC (France) and IMD (Switzerland). In her coaching she uses psycho-dynamic and systematic approach.
She is the organizer and Director of Group Relations Russia.
She holds Master Degree from Financial Academy and has an experience of working both on business development and HR sides of organizations. Irina is certified as a Career coach and currently studies psychoanalysis at HSE, Moscow.
Since 2016th she studies group dynamic processes with the Tavistock Institute and OPUS (UK), she attended the Leicester Group Relations Conferences in 2016 and 2019, Making the Difference Poland Conference, 2017 directed by Dr. Lionel Stapley, International Group Relations Conference in Lithuania "Leadership and Authority in the time of complex identities" in 2018 and is certified as "Group Dynamics Consultant" by IGO, London.
Irina works as a consultant for Group Relations Conferences in Russia since 2018th and in Poland since 2019.
Evgeniya Kochergina
Evgeniya works as Leadership consultant and coach for EMBAs Skolkovo, IMD (Switzerland), as coach for MBA in MIRBIS Moscow International School of Business; as Leadership Development Program manager in Deloitte CIS. In her group coaching she uses psycho-dynamic and systematic approach.
Evgeniya has higher education in Pedagogics, Economics and Master Degree in Social Works of Manchester University. She has 5-year experience in consulting and 13 years in organizational development and people management in banking. She is certified on Hogan Assessments, and as "Professional Coach» by Erickson Coaching International; as "Career Coach" by ACP, ICF.
She attended Poland Group Relations Conference "Making the Difference" directed by Dr. Lionel Stapley and Leicester Group Relations Conference (UK) in 2019 and is certified as "Group Dynamics Consultant" by IGO, London. Since 2018th Evgeniya works as a consultant at Group Relations Conferences in Russia.

Ekaterina Vilenkina
Ekaterina is a Coach, Business Trainer and Consultant. She is ICF certified coach (PCC level), Master Practitioner in NLP, and Master Practitioner in Hypnosis and Mental Emotional Release. Ekaterina holds two university degrees: in linguistics and financial management.
Before becoming a coach, Ekaterina has spent over 20 years in investment banking in different managerial roles, which adds to her ability to understand her business clients in depth. Ekaterina works for leadership programs at Skolkovo, Russia, IMD, Switzerland, and CEIBS, China. Since 2016 she has been engaged in group dynamic processes with the Tavistock Institute and OPUS (UK), attended the Group Relations Conferences in Leicester, Great Britain, in 2017 and 2019 and is certified as "Group Dynamics Consultant" by IGO, London.
Since 2019th Ekaterina works as a consultant for Group Relations Conferences in Russia.
Askar Isaev
Askar is a founder and CEO of Altezza, a leading and innovative firm focused on communications.

He also works as Leadership consultant and coach for EMBAs Skolkovo, CEIBS (China) and IMD (Switzerland). Askar is a graduate of the Moscow Medical Academy (M.D. degree), he studied psychology and group therapy at the Institute of Group and Family Therapy in Moscow, Russia. Askar holds MBA degree from ANE and EMBA degree from the Skolkovo Business School. HOGAN Assessment certified consultant.

Since 2016 he studies group dynamic processes with the Tavistock Institute and OPUS (UK), he attended the Group Relations Conference in Vilnius in 2016 and 2017, is certified as "Group Dynamics Consultant" by IGO, London.
Since 2018 Askar works as a consultant for Group Relations Conferences in Russia.

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