16tH - 19TH NOVEMBER 2019
A Group Relations Conference, Russia
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Starting from the premise that there is no such thing as an individual, groups are an important part of our life from birth onwards. A whole range of group dynamics is occurring under the surface every day of our lives, without us even being aware of it.
You are part of groups, be that family, or other groups, and organizations where you may be manager, leader, or engaged in other roles; or you may be supplying services such as coaching or consultancy for individuals, groups or whole organizations.

The aim of the conference is to provide learning opportunities that may enable you to learn about, understand, and identify conscious and unconscious group processes, and to begin to apply these processes in groups and organizations.

The method of learning is experiential – as participant you will be invited to explore in a safe space what happens within, among and between groups 'here and now'.
It is an accelerated immersive learning experience. It differs dramatically from all the other workshops and trainings, the difference being that you are not taught tools and techniques but rather learn through your own experience.

Conference participants create a temporary organization during the four days, with constant examination of the "here and now" dynamics in the whole process, understanding how emotions and unconsciousness come into play. The learning experience will provide opportunities for the group to learn about its own emotional life and become aware of what is going on beneath the surface, in the here and now. It will be a new perspective of understanding groups and organizations. Applying this experience to their own work and life, participants can further expand and deepen their own capability of managing and leading teams, exercise leadership, explore relations with authority, improve effectiveness and efficiency for teams and organizations. Becoming aware of, and understanding group dynamics may be difficult, but is essential to mature, reflective leadership.

For all who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of groups, teams, and whole organizations and applying this learning to their organizations:
  • Business professionals and owners
  • CEOs and Executives
  • Managers
  • EMBA and MBA alumni
  • Non-profit organizations representatives
  • HR professionals
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Business trainers and facilitators
  • Psychologists
Conference Program
Day 1 and Day 4:
Small Study Group (SSG)
The task of the Small Study Group is to provide opportunities to learn about interpersonal relationships in small face-to-face groups. The primary task is to study the behavior of the group, as a group, as it happens
Day 2 and Day 4:
Large Study group (LSG)
The task of the Large Study Group is also to provide opportunities to learn about interpersonal relations as they happen, but in a setting in which the number of participants is larger than can form a face to face group. Again, the task is to study the behavior of the group, as a group as it happens. However, in this group, the individual may not only face the other individuals they may also face major subgroups, in the form of study groups or spontaneously created subgroups.
Day 3:
Intergroup event
The task of the Inter-Group event (IG) is to study relationships between groups as they develop and to exercise the task of giving and taking authority.
All days:
Review and Application Group
The task of the Review and Application Groups (RAG) is to consider the relevance of conference learning to normal work situations.

Plenary Discussion
The Plenary Discussions are an opportunity to make further sense of the experience in discussion with the consultants where necessary referring to theoretical concepts to assist the learning process.
A paper, relevant to the day's task, will be provided to the participants to take away and read at their leisure to provide an opportunity to make further sense of the experience.
The purpose of the Follow Up meeting is to provide you with further opportunities for learning about group dynamics and its application to the work place.

Date: TBD
  • Pavel Balashov
    Partner, Deloitte
    The program was very interesting to me – it gave me an opportunity to better understand intragroup dynamics and use the new knowledge in working with my team. I was able to focus more on understanding the team's internal interpersonal problems and direct my attention and efforts to the elimination of the root causes of those problems.
    I think that the program may be very useful for the entire firm, especially for leaders, as it provides good examples of group behavior in situations of high uncertainty, which enables leaders to identify indicators of the group's subconscious behavior, and consider various scenarios of such behavior together with opportunities for managing group dynamics in situations of high uncertainty. In my opinion, this is of particular importance in the context of doing business in Russia.
    It is worth noting that the format of the exercise is very different from typical training and conference formats and requires that a participant be mature, willing to acquire new experience, able to think outside the box, and ready to make an effort in the subject area during the conference itself. For this reason, I would recommend using a selective approach when inviting candidates to the conference.
  • Anastasia Gosteva
    Founder & CEO Mindful Business
    The Group Relations Conference is aimed at studying group behaviour as a live organism. Thanks to this Conference I got answers to the questions that I have had for a long time: what happens to people in a group; why human behaviour is so dramatically affected by the group's energy field; how aware we are of our behaviours in a group and to what extent we play the agreed (or imposed) roles; how we can detect and see these roles and accept or reject them; how we can change group processes if they are destructive.

    The most valuable thing in this format of studying group dynamics is that the theory is minimised and the learning is carried out on the basis of deep immersive personal experience. This can be very uncomfortable, one should get prepared and attend in a resourceful state, but these four days will reward you with a lot of insights and discoveries.

  • Participants of the second Group Relations Conference, May 2019, said:
    • Excellent format that provokes feeling, thinking and reflection. I am leaving this course with a to-do list and gratefulness.
    • Very deep and comprehensive experience. The intensity of this experience allows high-quality comprehension.
    • I am grateful to the consultants for their endurance and ability to keep borders and neutral attitude.
    • Very concentrated and valuable experience.
    • Special thanks for the analysis and application group.

  • Participants of the first Group Relations Conference, Russia
    • Great learning experience, lots of new dimensions to explore. In my case, it is just a beginning of our way for exploring received learning with new skills.
    • The experience is great. It is a lot of info need to be lived through.
    • Great event, my congratulations to consultants with such a great start of CRC Russia.
    • Thank you very much for such an unforgettable experience! I have not experienced such thing never in my adult life. Professional, intellectual, fun, scary, very useful.
    • Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn and live in this specter setting. I feel full of insights, shaken and restored.
  • Ewa Skrudlik
    Development Coordinator in ACADEMY OF the FUTURE Program, Stowarzyszenie Wiosna Cracow, Poland
    During the workshop I realized how often my actions are strictly connected with my role in the structure of my organization. I am now more aware of which decisions are really mine and which I am taking even if no one openly is asking about them. It will help me to make priorities more carefully and not to take too much work on myself. I decided to ask myself what for am I taking action, what will be the result of actions I will take, how to take more consciously my responsibility and how to give back responsibility to their owners
  • Dagmar Ambachtsheer
    Team manager, MEE Drechtsteden The Netherlands
    The most important lesson is the experience what happens in group dynamics. For sure this is no lesson to get out of a book or by listening to a teacher. This experience showed me what my role in groups is, what the dynamic of the group itself is and how these two influence one another. I learned to observe those dynamics and challenge myself to play with them on behalf of the goal of the group. I expect that this experience makes me more capable of influencing group dynamics to get the best results. It was a meaningful experience that will have more and more impact when I'm going to apply this to my work.
  • Beata Jałocha Lecturer
    The Jagiellonian University Cracow, Poland
    I work with groups on a daily basis, so when I was told that Group Relations gives a unique experience and knowledge about group dynamics processes, I assumed that it was worth attending. I also knew that the form of the workshop is quite unusual and surprising. And so it was. Group Relations enabled me to observe the processes which happen in small and large groups. I got to understand the roles I take as a group member, trainer, lecturer. It was a fantastic experience, even though a difficult one. It demanded much effort, but made me see the dynamics and processes which happen beneath the surface. I have a feeling that thanks to taking part, I work with groups more consciously, which is why I can assist their development even better than before and make the group work more effective.
The process we adopt is not teaching in the traditional sense. In other words don't expect the consultants to be doing all the usual things that a teacher or trainer normally does. The role of staff is to provide the structure for learning and to provide observations or hypotheses about what they feel is happening at any given moment that may assist you in your learning. Everything the consultants do will be for the benefit of the learning of the participants.

  • Dr. Lionel F. STAPLEY
    Conference director
    Lionel is an organizational consultant working with individuals, groups and organizations mainly in the private sector; both in the UK and in other countries. In regard to Individuals he provides psychodynamic and executive coaching for international clients; in regard to group dynamics, he has provided academic learning at various Universities in UK and other countries. With Jina Barrett he co-directs 'Advanced Training in Small Group Processes', the only dedicated advanced training in the world. This event attracts a global membership, is highly respected and recognized for its exceptional quality; In regard to organizations he provides consultancy in regard to managing and implementing change, especially culture change, mergers and acquisitions, and diversity. He is Professor of Organization Coaching at Birkbeck University of London; a Fellow of OPUS; a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD), a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management (FCIM); and a Member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (ISPSO). Recent books include: Stapley, Lionel (2006) 'Individuals Groups and Organizations: Beneath the Surface' London: Karnac (published in Brazilian, Polish and Spanish); and Stapley, Lionel; Gould, Larry; & Lucey, Aideen (2011) 'The Reflective Citizen: Organizational and Social Dynamics'. London: Karnac
  • Irina Ponomarchuk
    Irina works as a Leadership consultant and coach for EMBAs Skolkovo, CEIBS (China), EDHEC (France) and IMD (Switzerland). In her coaching she uses psycho-dynamic and systematic approach.
    She is the organizer and Director of Group Relations Russia.
    She holds Master Degree from Financial Academy and has an experience of working both on business development and HR sides of organizations. Irina is certified as a Career coach and currently studies psychoanalysis at HSE, Moscow.
    Since 2016th she studies group dynamic processes with the Tavistock Institute and OPUS (UK), she attended the Leicester Group Relations Conferences in 2016 and 2019, Making the Difference Poland Conference, 2017 directed by Dr. Lionel Stapley, International Group Relations Conference in Lithuania "Leadership and Authority in the time of complex identities" in 2018 and is certified as "Group Dynamics Consultant" by IGO, London.
    Irina works as a consultant for Group Relations Conferences in Russia since 2018th and in Poland since 2019.
  • Evgeniya Kochergina
    Evgeniya works as Leadership consultant and coach for EMBAs Skolkovo, IMD (Switzerland), as coach for MBA in MIRBIS Moscow International School of Business; as Leadership Development Program manager in Deloitte CIS. In her group coaching she uses psycho-dynamic and systematic approach.
    Evgeniya has higher education in Pedagogics, Economics and Master Degree in Social Works of Manchester University. She has 5-year experience in consulting and 13 years in organizational development and people management in banking. She is certified on Hogan Assessments, and as "Professional Coach» by Erickson Coaching International; as "Career Coach" by ACP, ICF.
    She attended Poland Group Relations Conference "Making the Difference" directed by Dr. Lionel Stapley and Leicester Group Relations Conference (UK) in 2019 and is certified as "Group Dynamics Consultant" by IGO, London. Since 2018th Evgeniya works as a consultant at Group Relations Conferences in Russia.
  • Askar Isaev
    Askar is a founder and CEO of Altezza, a leading and innovative firm focused on communications.

    He also works as Leadership consultant and coach for EMBAs Skolkovo, CEIBS (China) and IMD (Switzerland). Askar is a graduate of the Moscow Medical Academy (M.D. degree), he studied psychology and group therapy at the Institute of Group and Family Therapy in Moscow, Russia. Askar holds MBA degree from ANE and EMBA degree from the Skolkovo Business School. HOGAN Assessment certified consultant.

    Since 2016 he studies group dynamic processes with the Tavistock Institute and OPUS (UK), he attended the Group Relations Conference in Vilnius in 2016 and 2017, is certified as "Group Dynamics Consultant" by IGO, London.
    Since 2018 Askar works as a consultant for Group Relations Conferences in Russia.
  • Ekaterina Vilenkina
    Ekaterina is a Coach, Business Trainer and Consultant. She is ICF certified coach (PCC level), Master Practitioner in NLP, and Master Practitioner in Hypnosis and Mental Emotional Release. Ekaterina holds two university degrees: in linguistics and financial management.
    Before becoming a coach, Ekaterina has spent over 20 years in investment banking in different managerial roles, which adds to her ability to understand her business clients in depth. Ekaterina works for leadership programs at Skolkovo, Russia, IMD, Switzerland, and CEIBS, China. Since 2016 she has been engaged in group dynamic processes with the Tavistock Institute and OPUS (UK), attended the Group Relations Conferences in Leicester, Great Britain, in 2017 and 2019 and is certified as "Group Dynamics Consultant" by IGO, London.
    Since 2019th Ekaterina works as a consultant for Group Relations Conferences in Russia.
Conference language is English and Russian
The event will be held at Deloitte CIS office: Moscow, Lesnaya str, 5, 2ND floor.
Please bring you passport. You will be issued a pass at the Reception on the ground floor.
November 16-19, 2019
Saturday to Monday: 9.00-19.30, Thuresday: 9.00-18.00.
It is important for your own learning and that of the other members that you attend all events on all four days
Please, contact the administrator for support
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  • Before September 30, 2019
600 Euro / person
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650 Euro / person
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  • Before November 5, 2019
550 Euro / person
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